Essendon Poultry Society’s history goes way back to the late 1800s, when in 1888 a meeting was held in a tea room in Puckle St, Moonee Ponds. (Juniors can ask your mother’s what a tea room is.) In 1890 a further meeting was held in the Moonee Ponds Town Hall and attracted 40 people. This led to the official formation of The Essendon Poultry, Pigeon, Dog and Canary Society. The elected president was Mr. George McCracken and Mr. Thomas William Tyzack was elected as secretary.

In attendance at that original meeting was Robert and Alf Pearce, grandfather of Robert Anderson. I believe Alfred Woods, grandfather of Alf and Ken Woods was also in attendance. In 1910 Alf’s grandfather was appointed secretary. Since the clubs inception, these two families have had an unbroken involvement in the history of the now Essendon Poultry Club incorporating the Hamburgh Club of Australia Inc. Prior to the clubs official founding, meetings were held in the Pearce’s home in Park St, Moonee Ponds. And small club shows were also held in the district, however we cannot establish when the first unofficial show was held.

Alf Woods

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